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GeoGola, “Knowledge is Power” is what we advocate,

you will come to know about various products and services that are available to you. You also have an opportunity to thoroughly understand the offering by various business people. In addition, you will earn income in multiple ways.

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App Gives you

Save Money

We understand the value of your time. That’s the reason why we want to gratify you for the time you spend on watching various advertisements that are broadcasted via our App. Save money by understanding various sale, offers, coupons!

Know Geo Market Trends

Geography based marketing and advertising is the in-thing now with the mobile based technology. People are guided about various products / services and even get navigation to reach the outlets.

Earn Money

You may be a student, or employee or retired or a housewife, earning other than your core profession is definitely a boosting factor to get engaged. We offer multiple ways to earn money, by watching ads, by sharing the ads with your direct contacts and by way of collecting ads from your near and dear!

Approximately Earning Calculation

User gets 10 Ads every day, User have 50 Refferals
User Earns,
4.05 INR Per day
121.5 INR per month
2430 INR Through Refferals per month

Total Monthly Earning 2551.5 INR

Get your Earned Money

Transfer money to bank account

You can check your Wallet balance all the time through the App. If you feel that you want to redeem the balance, you can do so by providing your bank account details. GeoGola within a short time will do NEFT transfer to your bank account.

We also give you an option to recharge your mobile / DTH for the wallet money.

Donate Money

Here, we have connects with a few NGOs that are in to the mankind service like poor people education, orphanage maintenance, etc. You can select this option to donate your wallet money to these NGOs that run for a good cause. A receipt from the recipient organization will be sent to you via email.

Transfer Money

You can transfer your Geogola earned money to another geogola friends!

GeoGola Mobile App Video

Become a GSA

“Gola Sales Associates” (GSA) - This is an initiative by GeoGola team to encourage ‘Entrepreneurship” among our users. During your free time, or if you feel that you can work for a dedicated set of hours, we will give you hands on training on how to become an entrepreneur, train you on the skills needed to stand on your own feet. A complete hand-holding by us would ensure you become an Associate for GeoGola and earn handsome percentage of the revenue as your fee. We pay much more than the standard in the Media industry as Agency Commission.

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Become a GBP

Here, there is an opportunity to scale up your existing business. You may be in selling or providing services in and around your geography with an existing sales team. GeoGola Business Partner (GBP) program comes as an “Add-On” income earning potential. With your existing infrastructure, computer, office space, and sales team, become a GBP with GeoGola and start selling GeoGola Ad Space as an additional business. Why wait? Inquire with us and plan to grow with us together.

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Targeting Customers

Target Audience has been a challenge all the while in the advertising process. Here, we give you Bulls-Eye setting of your viewing audience.

Locality Level Target

Target your Surrounded areas, Pin code Level Ex: West Mambalam, KK Nagar

City Level Target

Target City Level Ex: Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi

State Level Target

Target State Level Ex: Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka

The magic goes here, if your product or Service is for a specific gender, you will have an option to choose the gender too. A Beauty Parlour business can target women folks within one or two PIN Codes is an example

Age Based Target

Depending on your offering, you will have options to choose age groups as well. We have classified Age Groups in to the following:

Detailed analytics report for Advertisement Broadcast

Indepth Campaign analytics is our strength. With a self service Portal Access, every advertiser has the option to review the performance of the campaign as frequently as possible.

Business Solutions

  • How GeoGola supports your Business Growth?

    GeoGola provides an unmatched Digital Advertising platform for advertisers to reach directly to their target mobile users like never before. We work as a conduit platform to connect with your consumers in a most economical way.

  • GeoGola helps you to broadcast your ads via our Mobile App?

    20 seconds of dedicated undisturbed view is ensured.
    OTS (Opportunity to See) is ensured by our algorithm that prevents users from fast forwarding or skipping.
    Increase downloads to your Mobile App
    Get instant feedback by way of Likes
    Users have the facility to call you instantly!
    They also have the option to click on a Call Back Request that comes to you as leads to call!


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